Ohio State - Nationwide Children's Hospital - Research For Muscle Biology and Disease

2009-2010 Presentation Schedule

September 24
PI speaker, Peter Reiser, Ph. D.
“Myosin Isoforms: Novel Expression PatternsAnd Possible Functional Consequences "
October 15
(Michelle Asp; Belury Lab):
“Effects of PPAR-gamma Agonist Rosiglitazone On Cachexia Pathogenesis and Outcomes In Tumor-Bearing Mice

(Jason Dahlman, Guttridge Lab)
“NF-kB Functions in Stromal Fibroblasts To Regulate Early Postnatal Muscle Development”
Children’s WA 1525
November 19
Trainee Poster Day
OSU BRT Foyer (2-5pm)
December 17
PI speaker, Arthur Burghes, Ph. D.
"The Christmas of SMA past, Present and Future”
Children’s WA 1525
January 21
Outside Speaker, Paula Clemens, M.D.
University of Pittsburgh
"Genetic Approaches for the Therapy of Muscular Dystrophy"
February 25
(Min Tian, Belury Lab)
"Cardiac Alterations in Cancer-Induced Cachexia in Mice"

(Tom Bebee, Chandler Lab)
"Temporal Induction of SMN Levels in the Nervous System of SMA Mice and its Effect on Disease Progression"
Children's WA 1525
March 18
PI Speaker, Kevin Flanigan, M.D.
Becker Muscular Dystrophy from "Duchenne" mutations: implications for diagnosis and therapy.
Children's WA 1525
April 15
PI Speaker, Mark Ziolo, Ph. D.
iNOS in Heart Failure: Player or Spectator on the B-adrenergic Hyporeseponsiveness Arena"
May 7
Outside Speaker: Joe Metzger, Ph. D.
University of Minnesota
Title: Cardiomyopathy of Muscular Dystrophy: Molecular Insights and Experimental Therapeutics
OSU BRT 105/Childrens
June 17 Trainees: TBA Children's WA 1525