Ohio State - Nationwide Children's Hospital - Research For Muscle Biology and Disease

2011, 4th Annual Trainee Poster Day
As a follow up to last year’s poster day, which took place at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we returned this year to OSU for our 4th Annual Event. Like last year however, we decided to combine poster day with a special seminar from an outside speaker. This year, we hosted Dr. Ronald Cohn from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who discussed his findings on mechanisms of muscle atrophy during hibernation. It was an engaging talk and completed a successful day of poster presentations from our own graduate students, postdocs, staff, and undergraduates. We had 40 posters that were submitted and the turnout and reception was great. Below is this year’s list of topics that were presented on, as well as the name of our trainee and the laboratory where the studies were performed.

    Caroline Haas (Best Lab) – Dose dependent effect of massage on recovery of muscle mechanical properties following eccentric exercise

    Lawrence Charles (Best Lab) – Cyclic compressive loading facilitates acute and accumulated recovery of viscoelastic properties of skeletal muscle following eccentric exercise

    William Grose (Rodino-Klapac lab) - rAAV5 Mediated Delivery of Dysferlin as a Therapeutic Strategy for LGMD2B and Miyoshi Myopathy

    Kristin Heller (Mendell Lab) - Overexpression of human alpha7 as a potential therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Eric Meadows (Mendell Lab) - Reducing skeletal muscle fibrosis in DMD with AAV-delivered miR-29

    Nicolas Wein (Flanigan Lab) - Characterization of a novel Internal Ribosomal Entry Site in the DMD gene: functional and therapeutic implications?

    Adeline Vulin-Chaffiol (Flanigan Lab) - ZZ domain of dystrophin: characterization of the effect of missense mutations

    Lindsay Wallace (Harper Lab) - Developing RNAi Therapy for FSHD Candidate Genes

    Jacqueline Domire (Harper Lab) - DUX4 Regulates Expression of the Pro-Apoptotic Gene p63

    Jian Liu (Harper Lab) - RNAi Therapy for Dominant Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 1A

    Aishwarya Jacob (Chandler Lab) - Stress Responsive MDM2 splicing: Affecting the effectors of splicing

    Matthew Rouhier (Chandler Lab) - Use of Fluorescent Mini-genes to Identify Regulators of MDM2 Alternative Splicing

    Catherine Dominguez (Chandler Lab) - Modulating Severity of SMA Mouse Models Through SMN Splicing Manipulation

    Daniel Comiskey (Chandler Lab) - SC35 and SF2/ASF Regulate Stress-Responsive Alternative Splicing of MDM2

    Thomas Bebee (Chandler Lab) - Utilizing Mild and Severe SMA Mouse Models to Evaluate Modifiers of Splicing and Disease Progression

    Wei He (Guttridge Lab) - Impaired regeneration contributes to muscle atrophy in cachexia

    Jennifer Peterson (Guttridge Lab) - Peptide-Based Inhibition of NF-kB Rescues Diaphragm and Cardiac Muscle Contractile Dysfunction in Murine Models of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Mumtaz Yaseen (Guttridge Lab) - RIP1 Mediated Chronic Activation of of NF-κB in Sarcomas

    Bill Kline (Guttridge Lab) - Sarcopenic Rat Single Fibers and Muscle Regenerative Potential

    Nadine Bakkar (Guttridge Lab) - KKα and alternative NF-κB signaling promote an oxidative muscle phenotype

    Jon Shintaku (Guttridge Lab) - IKKα-mediated NF-κB signaling in muscle development

    R. Chimanji (Rafael-Fortney Lab) - Functional Improvement of Dystrophic Skeletal and Cardiac Muscles Resulting from a Combinatorial Drug Treatment

    Dawn Delfin (Rafael-Fortney Lab) - Claudin-5 plays a novel role in the heart and prevents cardiomyopathy in a mouse model of severe Duchenne muscular dystrophy

    Sam Wordeman (Hewett Lab) - Approach to Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Prevention

    Eric Johnson (Montanaro Lab) - Cypher is a New Member of the Dystroglycan-Dystrophin Complex

    Christopher Penton (Montanaro Lab) - A Common Adult Stem Cell Origin of Muscle and Mesenchymal Progenitors : Implications for Muscular Dystrophy

    Neha Singhal (Martin Lab) - A role of Galgt1, a glycolipid glycosyltransferase, in skeletal muscle regeneration

    Sarah Stevens (McCarthy Lab) - Effects of Losartan on Tumor-induced Myocardial Dysfunction

    Jianchao Zhang (Davis Lab) - Engineering Parvalbumin for the Heart: Optimizing the Mg2+ Binding Properties of Rat beta-Parvalbumin

    Vikram Shettigar (Davis Lab)  - Characterizing Plant Calmodulins to Understand Human Calmodulin

    Sean Little (Davis Lab) - Determining the Effects of Different Cross-Bridge States on the Rate of Calcium Dissociation from Troponin C in Rabbit Ventricular Myofibrils Using Troponin C Mutants

    Carlos Miranda (Kaspar Lab) - Astrocytes from familial and sporadic ALS patients are toxic to motor neurons

    Leah Schmeizer (Kaspar Lab) - Distribution of AAV9 transduction in non-human primates

    SungWon Song (Kaspar Lab) - TBA

    Ashley Frakes (Kaspar Lab) - Role of NF-kB in astrocyte and microglial-mediated motor neuron death in ALS

    Shibi Likhite (Kaspar Lab) - Therapeutic benefits of AAV9-mediated SOD1 down-regulation in a mouse model of ALS

    Paul N. Porensky (Burghes Lab) - SMN2 exon7 incorporation  with a morpholino antisense oligomer in a mouse model of SMA 

    Vicky McGovern (Burghes Lab) - Identification of gene targets from motor neurons in the SMA mouse 

    Vicky McGovern (Burghes Lab) - Spatial requirement of SMN in neurons 

    Sandra Duque (Burghes Lab) - Delivery and correction of SMA using AAV vectors