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2009 Trainee Poster Day
Last November our Muscle Group participated in our 2nd Annual Trainee Poster Day, where similar to last year, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, residents, and staff interacted and presented their latest work. The event was again held in the lobby of the Biomedical Research Tower on the campus of Ohio State University, which was also the location where we hosted our Spring Symposium on Muscle Development and Disease in April of 2009. Below is the list of subjects that were presented on, as well as the name of our trainee and the laboratory where the studies were performed.

    Amanda Haidet (Kaspar Lab) - Modulating the Inflammatory Profile of Astrocytes from an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Mouse Model.

    Lindsay Wallace (Harper Lab) - DUX4 Promotes FSHD-Associated Pathology In Vivo

    Sara Garwick (Harper Lab) - Targeted Silencing of FRG1 with Artificial MicroRNAs Improves Muscular Dystrophy in a Mouse Model of FSHD":

    Jordan Gladman (Chandler Lab) - Splicing of the SMN Genes is Regulated by Conserved Sequence Elements Located in Intron Seven

    Tom Bebee (Chandler Lab) - Determining the therapeutic time-point for SMN replacement in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy

    Ashwarya Jacob (Chandler Lab) - Damage induced alternative splicing of MDM2 is controlled by a balance of positive and negative splicing regulators.

    Aixa Tapia-Santos (Chandler Lab) - The role of SR proteins SC35 and Sf2/ASF in stress-induced alternative splicing of MDM2: Implications in Rhabdomyosarcomas

    Vinod Malik (Mendell Lab) - Mutation suppression in DMD patients: pre- and post-gentamicin treatment.

    Rui Xu (Martin Lab) - Overexpression of Galgt2 prevents muscle from damage and inhibits muscle pathology in muscular dystrophy

    Kumar Chandrasekharan (Martin Lab) - Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Growth by CT GalNAc Transferase

    Kumar Chandrasekharan (Martin Lab) - Human-like mutation in Cmah gene accelerates disease progression in the murine model of muscular dystrophy

    Ming Tian (Belury Lab) - Cardiac Alterations in Cancer-induced Cachexia in Mice.

    Alex Remels (Guttridge Lab) - TNF impairs regulation of skeletal muscle oxidative capacity through activation of NF-kB

    Nadine Bakkar (Guttridge Lab) - Alternative NF-kB Signaling in Myogenesis and Mitochondrial Biogenesis

    Wei He (Guttridge Lab) – Satellite Cells are Activated and Proliferative in Cancer Cachexia

    Jason Dahlman (Guttridge Lab) - NF-kB Functions in Stromal Fibroblasts to Regulate Early Postnatal Muscle Development

    Eric Hill (Guttridge Lab) – NF-kB Anti-Apoptotic Function is Dispensable in Differentiated Myotubes and Rhabdomyosarcoma cells

    Cholanda Handy (Kaspar Lab) Follistatin Gene Therapy Improves Muscle Mass and Strength in a Laminin-Alpha2 Model of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy

    Jeffrey Precott (Best Lab) - Computerized muscle segmentation for osteoarthitis research

    Furqan Haq (Best Lab) - Cyclic compressive loading facilities recovery following eccentric exercise

    Furqan Haq – (Best Lab) Knee strength predicts loss of function and decline in physical activity in patients with osteoarthiritis

    Jeffrey Prescott (Best Lab) - Imaging biomarkers for osteoarhtiritis research

    Kumar Chandrasekharan (Martin Lab) – Humanizing mouse glycosylation to build a better mdx model for DMD

    Bin Liu (Davis Lab) – Abnormal thin filament Ca2+ binding associated with cardiac muscle diseases can be corrected through TnC mutagenesis

    Michelle Asp (Belury Lab) – Effects of the insulin sensitizer rosiglitazone on cachexia outcomes in mice with colon-26 tumors

    Ravi Singh (Chandler Lab) – Damage induced alternative splicing of MDM2 is controlled by a balance of positive and negative splicing regulators

    Ravi Singh (Chandler Lab) – The role of SR proteins SF2/ASF and SC35 in stress-induced alternative splicing of MDM2: implications in rhabdomyosarcoma

    Michelle Monasky (Janssen Lab) – Dynamic relaxation primarily determined by myofilament properties

    Lindsay Wallace (Harper Lab) – Targeted silencing of FRG1 with artificial microRNAs improves muscular dystrophy in a mouse model of FSHD

    Vicki McGovern (Burghes Lab) – Spatial Requirement of SMN in neurons

    Kumar Chandrasekharan (Martin Lab) – The CT GA  Transferase regulates skeletal muscle growth via modulation of myostatin signaling

    Christopher Penton (Montanaro Lab) Altered cell fate of muscle side population cells in muscle