Ohio State - Nationwide Children's Hospital - Research For Muscle Biology and Disease

2013, 6th Annual Trainee Poster Day

Continuing our annual tradition, we hosted our 6th poster day in which undergraduate and graduate students along with postdoctoral fellows and research staff presented their research projects. For a change of pace this year, we hosted the event at the Griggs Ohio State University Boathouse, a scenic venue that sits on the Scioto River just a few miles away from our campuses. We had over forty posters presented along with several workshop stations to instruct on muscle functional measurements and in vivo muscle electroporation. We also welcomed new contributors from the Amacher, Foust, Rodino-Klapac, and Weisleder labs – all recently added members of our Center. We also organized a potluck, which added to the ambiance – we were especially fond of Dr. Burghes’ British food. In all a beautiful location and excellent science from all our trainees. We hope you enjoy the photos we took at the event, and below share with you a list of this year’s posters.

    Michael Berberoglu (Amacher Lab) – "Pax7-positive myogenic precursor cells and injury-induced regeneration in adult zebrafish skeletal muscle."

    Daniel Comiskey (Chandler Lab) - "SRSF1 regulates MDM2 Alternative Splicing in Cancer"

    Scott Crawford (Best Lab) – “Temporal Effects of Massage Application in Altering Passive Mechanical Properties in a Rabbit Model”

    Jennifer DeSalvo (Rafael-Fortney Lab) – “Role of the Claudin-5 Protein in Cardiomyopathy”

    Sammi Devenport (Montanaro Lab) – “Hedgehog Signaling is Impaired in Muscular Dystrophy and Contributes to Pathology”

    Catey Dominguez (Chandler Lab) - "Manipulation of SMN splicing to create and Intermediate model of SMA"

    Jackie Domire (Harper Lab) - "DUX4 Regulates Expression of the Pro-Apoptotic Gene, p63"

    Tom Gallagher (Amacher Lab) - "Delineating Rbfox-regulated splicing networks critical for vertebrate muscle development"

    Sara Gombash-Lampe (Foust Lab) - “Enteric Nervous System Function in Spinal Muscular Atrophy.”

    Danielle Griffin (Rodino-Klapac) - "Elucidating the Pathophysiologic Mechanism of Anoctamin 5 Deficiency of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2L"

    Jinmo Gu (Guttridge Lab) - "Activation and Function of NF-kB in MDC1A Congenital Muscular Dystrophy"

    Liubov Gushchina (Weisleder Lab) - “Formation of TRIM protein complexes in the regulation of cell membrane repair”

    Wei He (Guttridge Lab) - "NF-kB dependent Pax7 deregulation in the muscle microenvironment promotes cancer cachexia"

    Kristin Heller (Rodino-Klapac / Mendell Labs) - "Human α7 integrin gene (ITGΑ7) delivered by adeno-associated virus reverses the phenotype of the double knock out (DKO) mouse devoid of dystrophin and utrophin"

    Chitra Iyer (Burghes Lab) - "Deletion of atrophy enhancing genes fails to ameliorate the phenotype in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy"

    Robert Littleton (Chandler Lab) – "Modulating Insulin Receptor Alternative Splicing to Treat Rhabdomyosarcoma"

    Heather Manring (Weisleder Lab) - "Evaluation of the Therapeutic Effects of rhMG53 in Mutant Mice Lacking Dystrophin and Utrophin"

    Nima Milani-Nejad (Janssen Lab) - "Muscle length regulates cardiac cross-bridge cycling kinetics: studies from rodents and humans using a novel approach."

    Fuad Mohammad (Chandler Lab) – "Intronic GU-repeat region alters splicing of an ultra-conserved poison exon in BRD2"

    Benjamin Nixon (Biesiadecki / Davis Labs) - "Troponin I Ser-150 Phosphorylation Helps to Sustain Ca2+ Sensitivity in an Acidic Environment"

    Jennifer Peterson (Guttridge Lab) - "Cardiomyocyte-derived NF-kappaB impairs cardiac function in mdx mice"

    Eric Pozsgai (Rodino-Klapac Lab) - "Pre-clinical Efficacy Study of Beta-Sarcoglycan Gene Transfer"

    Hussam Salhi (Biesiadecki Lab) - "Phosphorylation of cardiac troponin I at Tyrosine 26 decreases thin filament calcium sensitivity"

    Carlee Schaefer (Harper Lab) - "Functional Characterization of Mouse DUX, A Mouse Ortholog Of Human DUX4, The Putative Gene In Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy"

    Eric Schultz (Rafael-Fortney / Janssen Labs) - "Investigating Heart Pathology in Regard to Claudin-5 Levels in Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy"

    Vikram Shettigar (Davis Lab) - "Incorporation of troponin C with modified Ca2+ binding into the heart through the use of adeno-associated virus leads to altered heart function"

    Jonathan Shintaku (Guttridge Lab) - "Alternative NF-kB regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism"

    Jalal Siddiqui (Davis Lab) - "Modeling the response of cardiac troponin C to calcium on the thin filament: effects of disease related and post-transnational modifications"

    Tabatha Simmons (Flanigan Lab) - "Minicircle plasmid DMD vectors for gene transfer studies in mdx"

    Neha Singhal (Martin Lab) - "A role of Galgt1, a glycolipid glycosyltransferase, in skeletal muscle regeneration."

    Patricia Sondergaard (Rodino-Klapac Lab) - "AAV Gene Transfer Utilizing Homologous Overlap Vectors Mediates Functional Recovery of Dysferlin Deficiency"

    Sarah Swager (Rafael-Fortney Lab) - "Claudin-5, intercalated disc, and extracellular matrix protein localization in failing and control human hearts"

    Erin Talbert (Guttridge Lab) - "Modeling human cancer cachexia in colon 26 tumor-bearing adult mice"

    Kiel Tietz (Amacher Lab) - "Rapid clearance of oscillating transcripts during somitogenesis requires the decay adapter Pnrc2 and spliceosome component Cdc5l/Cef1"

    Adeline Vulin-Chaffiol (Flanigan Lab) - "Efficient systemic exon-skipping and dystrophin restoration in a new mouse model of DMD: a tool for therapeutic development directed at exon duplications"

    Kimberly Wachholder (Amacher Lab) - "Unraveling the control and regulation of vertebrate muscle cell fusion using the zebrafish model"

    Lindsay Wallace (Harper Lab) - "The DUX4 promoter is preferentially expressed in FSHD-affected tissues"

    Nicolas Wein (Flanigan Lab) - "Using out-of-frame exon skipping to induce an N-truncated dystrophin isoform A potential therapy for 5' DMD mutations"

    Zhaobin Xu (Weisleder Lab) - "Direct injection of encapsulated embryonic stem cells improves cardiac structure and function following myocardial infarction in the absence of tumor formation"

    Rui Xu (Martin Lab) - "A Method to Produce and Purify Full Length Recombinant Alpha Dystroglycan: Analysis of N- and O-linked Monosaccharide composition in CHO cells With or Without LARGE Overexpression"