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2012 poster day

2012, 5th Annual Trainee Poster Day

We were happy to host our 5th annual poster day, which this year took place at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in the lobby of the Research Institute. Many of our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, including clinical fellows participated in our event, and it was wonderful to see them engaged over their various projects that covered numerous basic and clinical aspects of skeletal, cardiac, and motor neuron biology and disease. Below are their names and the title of their posters. Similar to past events, the poster presentation was followed by a distinguished lecture. This year, our invited outside speaker was Dr. Bradley Olwin from the University of Colorado at Bolder. Dr. Olwin shared his most recent work exploring the mechanisms of satellite cell activation involving the p38 MAPK and the Par complex. The talk and questions that followed provided a fitting end to another successful trainee poster day.

    Benjamin Nixon, "AMP-activated Protein Kinase Phosphorylates Troponin I at Serine 150 to Alter Cardiac Thin Filament Ca2+ Binding in a pH-Dependent Manner."

    Kristin Heller, “AAV mediated overexpression of Human α7 Integrin leads to histological and functional improvement in dystrophic mice“

    William Grose, “Elucidating Anoctamin 5 Function Using a Novel ANO5 Antibody and Deficient Animal Models”

    William Kline, “Sarcopenic Rat Single Fibers and Muscle Regenerative Potential”

    Sandra Duque, "Delivery and correction of SMA using AAV vectors in a large animal"

    Scott Crawford, “Immediate application of massage-like compressive loading on recovery of active muscle properties following eccentric exercise”

    Scott Crawford, “Immediate vs delay massage-like loading effects on improving recovery of skeletal muscle passive mechanical properties”.

    Aishwarya Jacob, "Conserved cis elements coordinate with specifically modified splicing regulators to mediate stress-induced MDM2 splicing”

    Dan Comiskey, “SC35 and SF2/ASF regulate stress-responsive alternative splicing of MDM2”

    SungWon Song, “ALS astrocytes adopt natural killer properties to induce motor neuron death”

    Dawn Delfin, “Cardiac pathology is worsened by the loss of the cell junction protein claudin-5 and improved by claudin-5 gene therapy”

    Sarah Swager, “Claudin-5 gene knockout in cardiac muscle”

    Ashley Frakes, “NFkB activation in microglia induces motor neuron death in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis”

    Tom Gallagher, “The role and regulation of RNA processing during zebrafish somitogenesis and muscle differentiation”

    Adeline Vulin, “A new mouse model of DMD: a tool for therapeutic development directed at exon duplications”

    Nicolas Wein, “Immortalized pathological human fibroblasts: a tool for the study of neuromuscular disorders”

    Wei He, “Deregulation of Pax7 promotes wasting in cancer cachexia”

    Jon Shintaku, "IKKa and alternative NF-kB promote an oxidative muscle phenotype."

    JinMo Gu, “Activation and Function of NF-kB in MDC1A Congenital Muscular Dystrophy”

    Jennifer Peterson, “Developing NBD as a therapeutic for DMD: Results from a GRMD trial”

    Mumtaz Yaseen, “RIP1 Mediated Chronic Activation of NF-κB in Sarcomas”

    Jason Murray, "Comparison of drug treatments in mdx mice."

    Jared Talbot, “Zebrafish six1 genes are required for fast muscle activation"

    Lindsey Wallace “The DUX4 promoter is preferentially expressed in FSHD-affected tissues“

    Tabatha Simmons, “Minicircle plasmid DMD vectors for gene transfer studies in mdx”

    Linda Lowes, “Development of a virtual upper extremity assessment tool for individuals with muscle disease across the lifespan”

    Sean Little, “Incorporation of Troponin Cs with Modified Ca2+ Binding into the Heart through the Use of Adeno-Associated Virus Leads to Altered Heart Function”

    Vickram Shettigar, “Cation Binding Properties of Plant Calmodulins: First Step Toward Engineering Therapeutic Calmodulin”

    Katie Dominguez, “Modulating severity of SMA mouse models through SMN splicing manipulation”.

    Shibi Likhite, “Therapeutic effects of AAV9-mediate SOD1 downregulation in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis”.

    Neha Singhal, "A role for Galgt1, a glycolipid glycosyltransferase, in skeletal muscle regeneration."