Faculty Research

In 2011 our Muscle Group expanded to 26 laboratories that are part of The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. These laboratories span over a wide range of Schools, Colleges, Departments, and Divisions that highlight the diversity of muscle research being performed within our respective institutions.

Sharon L. Amacher, Ph.D. Developmental biology of skeletal muscle
Kedryn Baskin, Ph.D. Endocrine function of the heart and transcriptional regulation
Martha Belury, Ph.D., R.D. Adipokine signaling and metabolism in skeletal muscle
Brandon Biesiadecki, Ph.D. Myofilament regulation of muscle contraction
Arthur Burghes, Ph.D. Motorneuron diseases and muscular atrophy
Dawn Chandler, Ph.D. Alternative splicing in cancer and neurodegenerative disease
Jonathan Davis, Ph.D. Skeletal and cardiac muscle contraction and relaxation
Kevin M. Flanigan, M.D. Mechanisms and therapies of muscular dystrophies
Aaron Goldman, Ph.D. Gene regulatory mechanisms governing heart regeneration in zebrafish
Scott Harper, Ph.D. Molecular mechanisms of muscular dystrophies, RNAi therapies
Paul Janssen, Ph.D. Myocardial relaxation and molecular mechanisms of heart failure
Stephen Kolb, M.D., Ph.D. Mechanisms of motor neuron diseases
George Kyriazis, Ph.D. Nutrient sensing and utilization in skeletal muscle
Christoph Lepper, Ph.D. Molecular regulation of skeletal muscle stem cells
Paul Martin, Ph.D. Muscular dystrophy, neuromuscular disorders, glycobiology
Kiran Nakka, Ph.D. Epigenetic programming in satellite cells
Jill Rafael-Fortney, Ph.D. Muscular Dystrophy and Cardiomyopathy
Afrooz Rashnonejad, M.Sc., Ph.D. Neuromuscular disorders
Peter Reiser, Ph.D. Sarcomeric proteins and contractile properties of muscle
Nizar Saad, Ph.D. Gene therapies and biomarkers for neuromuscular diseases
Zarife Sahenk, M.D. Molecular mechanisms of hereditary peripheral neuropathies
Megan Waldrop, M.D. Clinical research in muscular dystrophy
Nicolas Wein, Ph.D. Mechanisms of pathogenesis of neuromuscular disorders
Noah Weisleder, Ph.D. Plasma membrane repair, metabolism, and calcium signaling
Hua Zhu, Ph.D. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of striated muscle injury, repair and regeneration
Mark Ziolo, Ph.D. Nitric oxide modulation of excitation-contraction coupling