Scheduled Events

Since 2006, our Center members have participated in monthly meetings where presentations are given from invited speakers, internal faculty, and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. The location of these talks typically alternate between the campuses of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Ohio State University. The meetings also serve as a way to foster interactions and initiate collaborations among our laboratories. In addition to our monthly presentations, we hold an annual trainee poster day at which graduate students and postdoctoral fellows present their work to the other members of our group. The venue is a great opportunity for our trainees to share their ideas that included the exchange of useful techniques and protocols. The Center also partners with independent journal clubs to further promote discussion and collaboration amongst Center members.

As a way for our group to expand research interactions beyond Columbus, we have hosted symposiums in 2009 and 2014. These events brought together trainees and experts with diverse interests in muscle development, function and disease. The most recent conference was organized completely by Center trainees to focus the content on career development for the next generation of scientists. All our invited speakers were themselves trainees from nationally recognized laboratories and an additional career panel discussion was included.