Presentations 2007-2008

October 11
PI speaker, Federica Montanaro, CCRI
“Muscle Stem Cells and Treatment Strategies for Muscular Dystrophy”
November 15
Trainees (Guttridge Lab, Nadine Bakkar),
“An NF-kB/IKK Signaling Switch in Skeletal Myogenesis”

(Kaspar Lab, Amanda Haidet), “Targeting ALS Therapies for Muscles, Neurons, and Glia”
December 12
Outside Speaker, Charles Keller, University of San Antonio Heath Sciences
Satellite Cells as the Rhabdomyosarcoma Cell of Origin”
CCRI – WA 115
January 17
PI speaker, Scott Harper, CCRI
Developing RNAi Therapy for FSHD
CCRI – WA 1525
February 14

Trainees (Burghes Lab, Matthew Butchback)
Development ofTherapeutics for Spinal Muscular Atrophy”

(Chandler Lab, Ravi Singh)
“Identification and Characterization of Factor Involved in Damage-Induced Alternative Splicing of MDM2″
OSU – BRT 105
March 13
Outside Speaker, Nikki Harter, Case W.
The role of MyoD in muscle stem cells new facts, new models” – Cancelled
CCRI- WA1525
April 17
PI speaker, Paul Janssen, OSU
“Heart, the other red meat”
OSU – BRT 105
May 15
PI speaker, Jerry Mendell, Children’s
“Translational and Clinical Gene Therapy Studies for Muscle Disease”
CCRI- WA 1525