Aaron Goldman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Department of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology
1060 Carmack Rd., Rightmire 105

Phone: 614-293-3366
Email: goldman.214@osu.edu

Aaron Goldman, Ph.D.

Education & Training:
University of California, Los Angeles, B.S.
Harvard Medical School, Ph.D.
Duke University, Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests:
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world today. A central feature of heart disease is the permanent loss of heart muscle, which regenerates very poorly in humans. Unlike humans, zebrafish can replenish up to 60% of lost heart muscle or cardiomyocytes (CM) without adverse effects or scarring. Only some of the factors involved in this regeneration have been identified; others remain to be discovered. One major challenge has been to reveal master regulators that define regenerative capacity.

The long-term goal of my laboratory is to identify the gene regulatory network that governs regeneration. Transcriptional control is likely a key feature of regeneration competency as thousands of genes change in expression. As primary determinants of gene regulation, transcription factors not normally active in uninjured CMs are likely required for triggering regeneration. Yet, the identity of these factors remains elusive. Similarly, changes in chromatin packaging integral during development may likewise underpin competency for regeneration. Nucleosome reorganization may be a critical feature of normally dormant cis-regulatory elements and promoters. My research program aims to identify novel transcription factors and chromatin regulation governing zebrafish heart regeneration.

Selected Publications:

  • Yang X, Nadadur RD, Hilvering CRE, Bianchi V, Werner M, Goldman JA, Mazurek SR, Gadek M, Shen K, Tyan L, Bekeny J, Lee N, Perez-Cervantes C, Burnicka-Turek O, Poss KD, Weber CR, de Laat W, Ruthenberg A and Moskowitz IP. (2017). Transcription factor-dependent enhancer transcription defines a gene regulatory network for cardiac rhythm. ELife 6:e31683.
  • Goldman JA*, Kuzu G*, Lee N, Karasik J, Gemberling M, Karra R, Dickson A, Sun F, Foglia M, Tolstorukov M, Poss K. (2017). Resolving Heart Regeneration by Replacement Histone Profiling. Developmental Cell 40 (4): 392-404. * these authors contributed equally.
  • Kang J, Hu J, Karra R, Dickson A, Tornini V, Nachtrab G, Gemberling M, Goldman JA, Black B, Poss K. (2016). Modulation of tissue repair by regeneration enhancer elements. Nature 532: 201-206
  • Tolstorukov MY*, Goldman JA*, Gilbert C, Ogryzko V, Kingston RE, Park PJ. (2012). Histone variant H2A.Bbd is associated with active transcription and mRNA processing in human cells. Molecular Cell 47 (4): 596-607. * these authors contributed equally
  • Goldman JA, Garlick JD, Kingston RE. (2010) Chromatin remodeling by imitation switch (ISWI) class ATP-dependent remodelers is stimulated by histone variant H2A.Z. Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (7) 4645-51

My NCBI link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Goldman+JA%5BAuthor%5D