Presentations 2008-2009

October 16
PI speaker, Christine Beattie, OSU
Modeling Human Motoneuron Diseases in Zebrafish: Approaches and Outcomes”
Children’s WA 1525
November 20
Trainee Poster Session/Workshops
BRT Foyer (2-5pm)
December 18
Outside Speaker, Nikki Harter
Case Western University
The role of MyoD in muscle stem cells: New facts, new models
Children’s WA 1525
January 15
(Montanaro Lab – Rita Kaspar)
(Montanaro Lab – Eric Johnson)
Children’s WA 1525
February 19
(Harper Lab – Lindsay Wallace)
(Chandler Lab – Jordan Gladman)
Children’s WA 1525
March 19
PI speaker, Denis Guttridge, OSU
“NF-kB regulation of myogenesis through YY1 and miR-29 and its implications in Rhabdomyosarcoma”
BRT 105
April 16
OSU/Children’s Muscle Group Symposium
“Understanding Muscle: From Development To Disease”
BRT 115 (9am-6pm)
May 21
(Martin Lab – Kumar Chandrasekharan)
(Janssen Lab, Nitisha Hiranandani)
Children’s WA 1525
June 6
Muscle Group end of the year party