Presentations 2006-2007

October 5
Denis Guttridge, Ph.D. (OSU)
“Elucidating the role of NF-kB inskeletal myogenesis”
OSU- James 518
November 9
Brian Kaspar, Ph.D. (CCRI)
“Update research on ALS”
Children’s – WA1525
December 7
Tim Butterfield, Ph.D. (OSU)
“Adaptation to exercised-induced muscle injury”
OSU – James 518
February 8
Arthur Burghes, Ph.D. (OSU)
“Update research on SMA”
OSU – James 518
March 8
Dawn Chandler, Ph.D. (CCRI)
Update research on Rhabdomyosarcoma
Children’s- WA1525
May 3
Jill Rafael-Fortney, Ph.D. (OSU)
“Common pathways to cardiomyopathy in mouse and man.”
Children’s-WA 1525
June 7
Paul Martin, Ph.D. (CCRI)
“Altering glycosylation in muscular dystrophy: new therapeutic strategy”         
OSU – James 518