2014 Trainee Conference

In 2014, Center for Muscle Health & Neuromuscular Disorders graduate students and postdocs organized a regional conference focused on career development opportunities within the muscle microenvironment field. The goal of the conference was to inspire and reinvigorate scientifically young researchers, and to remind them of why they love science and why it remains a great career choice.

Unique to this conference was that the organization was done solely by trainees for the benefit of trainees. Facilitated by faculty director of the Center, Denis Guttridge, PhD, these students and postdocs created a diverse program featuring panelists and speakers from academia, government, science writing, and technology and pharmaceutical companies. The conference and poster sessions were attended by over 100 students, postdocs and faculty, with many attendees coming from regional universities in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The Center is proud of the trainees’ initiative and hard work in organizing this event.

Conference Organizing Committee

Michael Berberoglu, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jinmo Gu, MS, Graduate Fellow
Heather Manring, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jennifer Peterson (chair), PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jonathan Shintaku, Graduate Fellow
Nicolas Wein, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow
Denis Guttridge, PhD, Faculty Advisor